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We get consistently excellent feedback from our clients, from executive teams to the operational front-line.


Unlike many of our competitors, we have countless positive client testimonials and consistently excellent levels of client satisfaction, of which we are extremely proud. 


Just some of these client testimonials are provided below.


As you can see, as well as the passion we have for our work, what our clients tell us makes us different is our collaborative approach, our ability to work ‘in the real world’, our ability to work from the C-suite to the front-line and our ability to actually make change happen (and be sustainable).


We also focus on ensuring that we fully leverage our clients’ in-depth knowledge of their organisations, with our external expertise and perspective.


The results speak for themselves.


"Michael and his team have challenged every aspect of what we do and how we do it and made us fundamentally re-think the way we work. They have taken a very structured approach to this project both in design and implementation, which without we wouldn’t have been successful.  The change management has also been excellent, getting everyone on board throughout the organisation and across all functions."



Managing Director

"Ad Alta provided excellent value-for-money, delivering an outstanding final report and related insights. I would certainly use them again in the future and would recommend them to any organisation looking to improve the value they receive from their external 3rd party spend from a procurement perspective."




"During their time with Dairy Crest, Michael and the Ad Alta Consulting team facilitated a step-change in the performance of the Group Procurement function. They delivered significant changes in the culture, processes and tools, organisational structure and ways of working. This has led to significant monetary benefits. [...]

I would therefore strongly recommend them to other clients."




"Ad Alta were very different to other consultants we have worked with – taking the time to listen, learn about our business and to work with us collaboratively on the solution, rather than delivering a standard answer. Arguably more importantly, they also ensured that we had the capability to implement and embed the new ways of working in the future to make the changes sustainable.  


I would definitely work with Ad Alta again and highly recommend them to any client looking to achieve a similar step-change in operational effectiveness."



Director of Transformation

"Ad Alta have worked in detail across the organisation, and quickly provided comprehensive insights around efficiency opportunities across operations, finance and procurement. They provided invaluable expertise and insight and were empathic, articulate, and very detail and value orientated. They have not only helped us to identify multi-million pounds of savings, but also clear plans to deliver them over the next few years. 


We will definitely use them going forward and I would rate them 10/10."



Finance Director

"We selected Ad Alta as they really understood the “nub” of our challenges, our drivers, our motivations and our limitations and linked the approach to our values and vision. […] Ad Alta’s approach was energetic, intellectual (but grounded in their approach), resilient, persuasive, credible, logical and fast-paced.  


Ad Alta was also different to other consultancy firms we have used in the past as they are keen to educate and transfer skills/knowledge to enable us to be self-sufficient. They also got under the skin of our organisation and broader network to bring people together.  I would definitely use them again in the future"



Finance Director





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