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We get consistently excellent feedback from our clients, from executive teams to the operational front-line.


Unlike many of our competitors, we have countless positive client testimonials and consistently excellent levels of client satisfaction, of which we are extremely proud. 


Just some of these client testimonials are provided below.


As you can see, as well as the passion we have for our work, what our clients tell us makes us different is our collaborative approach, our ability to work ‘in the real world’, our ability to work from the C-suite to the front-line and our ability to actually make change happen (and be sustainable).


We also focus on ensuring that we combine our clients’ in-depth knowledge of their organisations, with our external expertise and perspective.


The results speak for themselves.


“We had extremely high expectations and exceptionally tight turnaround deadlines for our first project with Ad Alta, and they over-delivered at every stage. They brought not just specialist technical knowledge and in-depth sector experience, but they were also extremely efficient and easy to work with.”

Director of Technology

“Ad Alta were incredibly responsive, high-energy, extremely positive and rolled-up their sleeves whenever required. They also were highly collaborative and honest, and worked with us in a true partnership-working style. This made Ad Alta really stand out for me compared with other consultancies I have worked with in the past.  When combined with their deep expertise and market knowledge they made our systems selection journey a painless experience. 

I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Ad Alta and I rate them 10/10.”


Director of Corporate Services

“We selected Ad Alta due to their knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges of operating in the Social Care sector; and the very positive feedback we received from a peer organisation who had previously worked with them. 

Ad Alta were very engaging to deal with and were able to bring their knowledge from similar projects across and outside the sector and apply it to our situation.

It was clear that they genuinely cared about our purpose and values. They were also clearly invested in helping us to improve our ways of working, and ultimately the service we provide to the People We Support.

I would therefore certainly use Ad Alta again and highly recommend them to other clients.”



Director of Transformation

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you over what has now been nearly 2 years.  The impact on the organisation of all the changes from the Transform 21 programme, including the new systems, will be truly transformational. […] we definitely couldn’t have got anywhere near this result without you."


Finance Director

"The financial, operational and patient achievements have been staggering. But it's when you meet the staff with whom they have worked that you fully comprehend the benefits. Designing and implementing change that will take and be fully embedded takes patience, tact and skill. Ad Alta has that in spades."




"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ad Alta Consulting to any organisation looking to achieve significant improvements in strategic, operational or organisational effectiveness."



Director of Strategy

"In addition to being a very professional and high quality organisation, they are very practical, hands-on and delivery focused, which makes a refreshing change to other advisors and interims we have used in the past. In summary, I would definitely recommend them to other organisations and clients, particularly as a strong, credible and better value-for-money alternative to some of the larger consultancy firms in the marketplace."



Finance Director

"I have worked with many consultants over the years, however with Ad Alta I always had a sense of total commitment. Their friendly and welcoming approach really suited us as an organisation, and they were also able to provide an excellent balance of guiding, mentoring and directing us throughout the programme. I would certainly recommend Ad Alta to other clients and use them again."



Director of Operations and Quality

"We selected Ad Alta as they really understood the “nub” of our challenges, drivers, motivations and limitations; and how they linked their approach to our values and vision. Ad Alta is different to other consultancy firms we have used in the past as they are keen to educate and transfer skills and knowledge to enable us to be self-sufficient. They also got under the skin of our organisation and broader network to bring people together.  I would definitely use them again in the future."



Finance Director

"Ad Alta provided confidence, enthusiasm, encouragement and clarity […]. Not only was their approach well-structured and clearly thought through, but they were also engaging and easy to work with. I would certainly recommend Ad Alta to other clients, as they are clearly committed to building a strong reputation based on exceptional engagement and a clear focus on delivery."




"Ad Alta provided an invaluable external non-clinical perspective, challenging established practices. They took a measured approach to change, with a determined team prepared to spend time working alongside staff to understand their issues and explain potential solutions. They then facilitated the changes in an engaged and passionate way, and were practical in application and methodical in approach."



COO and Medical Director

"We are on a long-term journey with productivity and with Ad Alta Consulting providing their support and expertise we are in a much better place than we were previously."



Director of Services

"We selected Ad Alta as I was immediately impressed by their understanding of the issues the organisation was facing. They were professional and engaging and more personal and hands-on than other consultants I have used in the past. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to other clients."




"Ad Alta provided invaluable expertise that we did not have in-house, enabling us to make decisions based on fact-based analysis rather than personal judgement. In terms of approach, they were highly responsive, supportive and down to earth. I would definitely recommend them to another client and use them again."




"Ad Alta's clear thinking, tenacity and attention to detail has been incredibly helpful in developing a coherent programme that enabled our strategic objectives and also created a clear narrative around it.  With their support, we have also established a highly effective internal Programme Management Office with the capability and capacity to manage and own the programme ourselves going forward."



Director of Transformation

"Ad Alta worked hard to ensure that they transfer commercial skills and techniques to us, and worked directly alongside us as colleagues offering guidance, support, tools and ideas. This has certainly been a hugely valuable approach which ensured that our skills were developed and retained to be used in the future."



Assistant Director

"They were thorough, inclusive, detailed, professional and available. I would certainly recommend them to another client and use them again."








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